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Caliber Construction - Your Source For Home Renovation, Extensions, Additions, And New Construction

Welcome to Caliber Construction, we are one of the leading home improvement companies that offer its services in and across Sydney. Here we offer an entire home, kitchen, and bathroom renovations service. Besides that, even if you are thinking of constructing a new home, you can help to build the home from scratch. Our experience in home renovation helps us to offer the best results to our clients every time they choose us.

What Is Our Specialisation?

At Caliber Construction, we specialise in distinct types of home renovations jobs including bathroom and kitchen renovations. Even if someone does not have the right plan for the renovation, the specialists of the company are there to assist you. To get more information on what we do and how we do, you can go through the images in the galleries available in the project section of our website.

So, no matter what type of renovation job that you want to perform on your property in Sydney, you will get support from the passionate and dedicated renovators of our company. By choosing to work with the professional renovators of Caliber Construction, you can only expect to get the best quality renovation job planned and managed carefully. Besides, while performing the renovation job, we always ensure that we realise the visions of our clients.

Therefore, we arrange a free consultation before starting the home renovations job where we develop the right plans depending on their expectations. Based on that plan, we offer upfront, written quotes that ensure there would be no hidden cost for performing the jobs.

Next, while performing the jobs, we offer careful attention to every detail. We are also ready to answer your queries during the home, kitchen, and bathroom renovations process. And the work standards of our company strictly follow the rules and regulations of the Australian Governments. Here we also maintain a hands-on approach while managing the renovation project to ensure minimum disruption to people’s lifestyles during the job.

Apart from renovating your property, you can also choose us to add extensions or additions to your property or to custom build your home. The home extensions, additions, or new home development jobs that we offer ensure minimised construction time. And this helps people to avoid all the costs associated with the usual build. And we carefully follow our clients’ specifications to craft functional and innovative spaces in the controlled environment. This way, we tailor the home additions and extensions service to suit the personal requirements of the clients. So, no matter what service you choose us for, you will get a professional quality service in a friendly environment while focusing on client satisfaction.

This way, you can ensure to get an all-inclusive service by choosing us for your home renovation or extension.


What Makes Us Different?

  1. Renovation job that we offer does not cost an arm and leg: We believe that no renovation, extension, or addition job should exceed your budget. And therefore, we work on every renovation job with our skills, creativity, and the selection of budget-friendly yet the best quality materials. So, if you cannot start your renovation project because of cost, we have some excellent news to cover you. We can plan the renovation job according to your budget. And once we complete, you just see the differences.

  2. Our team members are always driven by passion: If you hire our team for bathroom and kitchen renovations job or for building your home, you will only get the best results from us within cost-effective rates. This separates us from other home renovators and builders in Sydney. We love our ability to transform the living of people through the hands-on renovation service.

  3. We always maintain professional standards: Irrespective of whether you need us for home renovations, extensions, additions, or for building new constructions, we always follow a proper series of steps centred on the schedule and daily communication. Our experience in these fields helps us to offer unmatched quality service always.

  4. We only offer the best quality materials: At Caliber Construction, we have the personal experience and resources to ensure that our projects run smoothly. Here we maintain a direct connection with the materials suppliers, and this helps us to get all the premium-quality materials within budget-friendly rates.

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