At Caliber Construction we offer complete practical and functional designs when it comes to kitchen/bathroom planning and renovations. We have access to all the latest kitchen/bathroom products from all varieties of kitchen bench tops, appliances, splash backs, drawers, accessories, taps and sinks. As leading kitchen and bathroom consultants in Sydney, we are able to ensure the building renovations you expect are delivered without fail and on budget.



A beautifully designed kitchen has the power to add much functionality and beauty to a home. This is the place where family members spend their time together to communicate, cook, and have food. Similarly, bathrooms are important too. Bathrooms are spaces where people unwind and spend some private time. So, both spaces must be updated and attractive. But even if you have a worn-out kitchen or bathroom in your property, we can change these spaces with kitchen and bathroom renovations service. These renovation services will allow you to unlock spaces where you will love to relax and rejuvenate. Besides that, renovated kitchens and bathrooms will also add value to your overall property. This is very important if you have a plan to sell your home.

And when you think of considering kitchen renovations service in Cherrybrook, Ryde or any area in Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, you must call the experts instead of trying to do it yourself. Calling an expert for this service is necessary as only the experts can make the entire process as simple as possible. There are many things to count on for renovating a kitchen space or a bathroom. So, if you need an individual plan, design, and installation service for your bathroom or kitchen, contact an expert renovator to get a no-obligation quote on the same.

Caliber Construction is one of the expert names in Sydney known for offering the best quality and unique bathroom renovation services. Bathroom Renovations done by us in North Shore, Mosman, Lane Cove, Ryde, Epping, Killara, Hornsby, Turramurra, Pymble, Hills District, Eastern Suburbs and Maroubra are examples of our quality work.

Why Caliber Construction?

At Caliber Construction, one of the biggest passions that we have is to help our clients to have the kitchen or bathroom of their preferences. Every kitchen space or bathroom that we renovate is customised with all the fittings made of the best quality materials. Besides, we take care of every minute detail during the renovation process. As a result, we can offer the guarantee that you will only get the result that you want and nothing else. Irrespective of your budget, we can offer you the right kitchen and bathroom renovations service to suit your style, space, and needs. The professional site managers of our company will oversee the operation while ensuring that the renovation job is seamless and stress-free. So, you can rely on our service to manage all the things associated with kitchen and bathroom renovation.

Process That We Follow:

As an expert renovator company, Caliber Construction follows a simple step-by-step process for completing the bathroom and kitchen renovations job. The process starts with the initial consultation and custom design and ends with the proper installation of the bathroom fittings and appliances. Here are the details:

  1. First, we arrange a meeting with the client. After that, we access their requirements and expectations carefully. And we prepare a quote based on those details.

  2.  We prepare a contract mentioning all the project details like design, date, cost, etc.

  3.  After signing the contract, we work on the project. Depending on the project size, it can take around 8-15 days. And then your changed kitchen and/or bathroom are ready for use.