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Functional Bathroom Renovations


Are you looking for bathroom renovations? Are you searching for experts in the market who could flawlessly transform your small-sized bathroom with enough space? Do you want to give your bathroom a renovated modern look? Well, if yes, then you need to hire the best professionals in the business in Ryde.

Whom Should You Hire for Your Bathroom Renovations?

Well, in NSW and its suburb areas like Ryde, there are several service providers. Choosing the best one in the business can really be a daunting task with each one claiming to be the best and boasting of providing you with the best bathroom renovations. Well, we are also one of them but with a difference that we do not exaggerate and boast of the things. Our achievement all through these years tells us about our success.

Who We Are?

We are Caliber Construction Builders- renowned and reputed service providers based in NSW. We are a family-owned business with a market presence of more than 24 years. Since 1996, we have been catering to flawless bathroom renovations and have to our credit over 6000 projects. We make sure that each of the clients is happy and therefore, we are very much focused on delivering the top-notch services. Get in touch with us for the best services related to bathroom renovations in Ryde and its surrounding. We are renowned and reputed builders taking care of all your needs and requirements.

We Renovate Bathrooms. We Rejuvenate Ambience.

Yes. We are not only the bathroom renovators but also the professionals who take a keen interest in ensuring that the project is completed as per the expectations and perfection. Therefore, we follow a streamlined process for all projects related to kitchen and bathroom renovations. This include--

  • Thorough Consultation


When in the project, it is not only because we believe that without the support of you no project is going to be perfect. Therefore, we trust in consultation and recommendation. With effective communication, we try to collaborate with you during the layout and planning and believe that you will provide us with all the essentials you would need or love to see in the bathroom of your Ryde based house. This initiative has helped us to complete bathroom renovations smoothly.

  • Quality Product and Effective Planning


With over 24 years of experience, we have understood the importance of quality and effective planning. We have always tried to chalk out plans that would streamline the project and figure out the elements that cause hindrance. Therefore, before starting with the project of bathroom renovations, we make sure that every element is at its place.

A Detailed Bathroom at the Best Price

Our obsession to provide you with the best and detailed bathroom has left us to opt for some proven methods and technologies. We believe in visualising the project before giving the project the final touch. So, contact us for a detailed and functional kitchen at the best price.

Call (02) 9838 9242 for more details. We are always there to assist you in your dream bathroom. Our bathroom renovations are one of the most reputed and reliable in NSW and its suburbs like Ryde. You can ask for free quote as well. We will provide you with it.


1. What do I need to prepare for my bathroom renovation?


Like other renovation jobs, bathroom renovation also needs proper planning. So, you can prepare for the job by getting a proper idea regarding the style and look you want. In case you do not have any idea, then you can get ideas from different websites, magazines, or check different remodelling shows online. After that, you can consult the professional renovation consultants in Ryde. These experts will instruct you on the bathroom renovations jobs you need to perform and how. Once you get the idea, you must clear out the bathroom area by removing all your belongings for the renovation job. 

2. Will the designer help me to choose the perfect designs?

For renovating or remodelling a bathroom, the difference between a great and an average result is just the design. The design plays an important role in ordering materials, finding the sequence of construction, joining different pieces and parts, and coming up with a functional and aesthetically beautiful bathroom in Ryde. Considering the importance of design in bathroom renovations, the designers of our company help the property owners to choose the right bathroom designs with the help of the original footprints of the properties. Our designers can also help if you want to add or build a new bathroom to your existing property.

3. What types of bathroom renovation will you provide?


Bathroom renovation is an extensive process. Depending on the bathroom type that you have or want to have in Ryde and the budget you have, there are several kinds of bathroom renovation jobs that can be performed. Some of these jobs include:

  1. Cosmetic bathroom renovations that include “Tear and Replace”

  • Installing new shower

  • Changing the shower location

  • Installing and changing the vanity

  • Changing and replacing tiles

  • Installing in-built shelving

  • Changing bathroom patterns

   2. Floor plan remodelling jobs that include “floor change and floor redesign”

   3. Fresh additions to the bathrooms

   4. Adding a new bathroom

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