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Renovation Specialists in Sydney

At Caliber Construction remember "one call gets it all" when you need a Sydney Home Renovation Service. Home renovations can take various forms and a complete understanding of proper planning with our clients of what exactly is required, is essential to the overall completed building renovation work. From start to finish, from concept to completion, including plans Caliber Construction will deliver the exact home extensions and renovations you expected. As interior design and home renovation consultants, Caliber Construction offer a professional 1st class service to all Sydney home owners who require competent home renovation experts.



For most of us, our homes do not suit the modern style of living, but it is possible to transform the look and feel of your home by making some important changes to the present layout. For example, you can change the way your home functions by knocking through a new door or blocking in the existing doorway. Besides, you can remove the cramped feeling of a room by opting for open plan living. A room’s feel and function can be changed easily by altering or removing one or two internal walls. And there are many other scopes. For instance, you can add a window to a room or a darker part of your home to add more light. You can do these things by choosing home renovations and alterations services.

Understanding the areas of your home is necessary when renovating or altering any part. Besides, you must choose the right materials for a specific finish or function and the right professionals for a wonderful experience. Therefore, it is necessary to choose Caliber Construction to guide you.

We Treat Every Home Unique:

At Caliber Construction, we know every home in Sydney is unique. Therefore, we always treat the homes with the right tailored and personalised approach that it deserves. And this guarantees that the home transformation job that we do can make your dreams a reality. Our clients in Ryde, Hills District, Baulkham Hills and all other parts of Sydney prefer us as an expert as they love not only the job we do, but they love our commitment towards making the home renovation and extension job as simple as possible. Besides, they also choose us as we offer the best customer service every time.

Here we have the specialisation in seamless home renovations and alterations service that almost flows like new homes while perfectly complimenting the existing property for better flow and functionality. Besides, here we treat every renovation and alteration job with a customised approach. So, by choosing to work with us, you can have the assurance that the professionals will handle the renovation job completely. Irrespective of how big or small the project is or how complicated or simple the renovation and alteration job is, we are highly equipped to manage and execute the needs of our clients in Sydney. Budget is not a concern here as we can offer you the most practical solutions within budget.


How can we sort your home renovation and alteration job?

  1. It is our specialisation to offer on-trend designs tailored specially to our clients’ needs.

  2. We source our clients the right materials necessary for home renovations and alterations service, ensuring that each of our clients gets the best materials that suit their requirements.

  3. We help our clients in complete project management by offering a fully comprehensive service. Depending on that, every job we perform completes within the budget and on time.

  4. We don’t consider our clients’ properties as building sites. Rather, we consider those as our homes.

  5. We adapt and adjust the schedule according to our clients to ensure minimum disruption.

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