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Bathroom Renovations Within Your Budget


Bathroom renovations can be a bit tiring. It can be expensive as well. But, have you ever tried going with bathroom renovations with the specialists in the town? Well, we assure you that a tiring and tedious project like bathroom renovations can feel much easier if you are on board with the best bathroom renovators. The professionals are going to make things so smooth that you won't even realise that your dream bathroom is completed. So, it’s time to get in touch with the best professionals in the town for a perfect bathroom. 

Hire Caliber Construction Builders for the Best Finishing

There can be many experts in the town of Epping. However, we are one of the renowned and reliable renovators taking care of all your bathroom renovations requirements. We are a family-owned and operated company since 1996 and have been delivering top-notch services. We are a registered, accredited, and licensed company with a team of experienced and well-trained professionals doing the needful. 

Why Hire Us?

Since the year of inception, we always tried to provide our clients with the best services. Therefore, we made sure that our renovation works must be accompanied with all the supporting services that would make the project not only flawless but also smooth. Hence, we are ensuring that professionals from all fields related to renovation are in the team. Hence, we have a proper team of electricians, tilers, designers, planners, and renovators who contribute towards the perfect and flawless finishing of the bathroom.

The following are the top reasons that make us one of the favourites in the market of Epping--

  • Thorough Consultation


The project we cater to is for you and hence, we take care of all the necessary requirements you want to have in your Dream Bathroom.

  • Customising the Renovation Project


Like others, we too provide customised bathroom renovations. We make sure that the problems you were facing in your old bathroom are addressed with utter importance and you do not feel the same in your new ones. 

  • We Thrive on Communication


The success of any project we undertake should be dependent on how coordinated our work is. Therefore, keeping this in mind, our professionals during bathroom renovations stress on having proper coordination. This is possible only when there is efficient and effective communication. Therefore, we take care of the communication aspect not only amongst ourselves but with you as well.

  • Budgeted Services


We ask you for your requirements (that might include the addition or elimination of accessories and fittings). Keeping all the aspects in mind, we prepare the budget and provide you with the best quotation. Bank on our services. We try to provide you with the best quality of the products as well. 

Get in touch with us for the best bathroom renovations in Epping. We are always there to provide you with the best services related to bathroom renovations. We cater to residential and commercial complexes as well.


1. How quickly can you start work?

We can start as per your convenience and requirement. Once we are done with taking measurements of the bathroom, designing the plan for it, and getting the technicalities done we are good to start within a week of signing the contract. Our team of professionals is highly skilled and understands that your time is valuable, so they are good to start whenever you are comfortable. It majorly depends upon your convenience as we have many different contracts regularly in process for bathroom renovations in Epping, so we can manage the schedules to match the time that you are comfortable with. In case you have an urgent requirement, you can let us know and we will schedule your bathroom renovation work accordingly to suit your requirement. 

2. How much lighting will I need in my bathroom?


The answer to this question is very subjective as it depends on the size of the bathroom, its design, orientation, and your personal preference. You always need to have ample light to give a glowing look to the bathroom. Lighting is one such thing that not many people pay attention to during the design and renovation but can enhance the aesthetics of the bathroom. Similarly, a dim room or over lit room is enough to destroy the impression of any guest. So, one needs to look for professionals that undertake the task of bathroom renovations in Epping and have substantial experience and expertise in the field. 

3. How to renovate a bathroom within a small budget?


Bathroom renovation is one of the most important renovation tasks in the entire home because if the bathroom is not maintained properly, it can destroy your impressions in front of your guests. But the budget is always a constraint for most homeowners, so one can always fix some small things that do not cost much but can improve the look of your bathroom substantially. Some of the best improvements can be improving the lighting scheme, installing glass shower screens, installing unique bathroom vanities, and opting for wooden flooring. These small changes can make a huge difference in improving the aesthetics of the bathroom, but one needs to ensure that they hire only professionals who have substantial experience in bathroom renovations in Epping.

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