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Modern Bathroom Renovations


If you are looking for professional bathroom renovators and associated service providers, then hire the professionals from Caliber Construction Builders. We are one of the renowned and reputed service providers in Killara, catering to a 360° solution for your bathroom problems.

Who We Are?

We are Caliber Construction Builders - a reputed and reliable company catering to bathroom renovations in Killara. We are a certified and licensed company based in NSW. Since our inception in the year 1996, our services ranged from planning to renovation in the best possible way. Apart from this, we are a family-owned business that has catered to over 6000 projects with every client being happy with our work. We believe it to be an achievement and inspiration.

Our Mission and Vision

Being a reliable and reputed company in Killara, we ensure that our professionals do not compromise on quality, and hence, we only use the best products on the market.

We aim at catering to every individual household in the town, so we keep the prices of our services reasonable.

Apart from all this, we also make sure that the project completes smoothly. Our 24 years of market experience has taught a lot on how to handle projects and hence, with that exposure, we try to resolve the issues in the best possible ways that would help deal with the challenges during the bathroom renovations.

Why Hire Us?

Amidst so many service providers, we are one of the best in the town. Our exposure and experience have helped us secure one of the spots on the list of preferred bathroom renovators in Killara based residential and commercial properties.

The following are the top reasons why hiring us would be the best bet for you:

  1. Licensed and Accredited: Being a technical job, accreditation, and license means a lot. Hence, worry not. We have both.

  2. Effective Communication and Smart Coordination: Being in the business for years, we have understood the value of communication. Hence, in all our projects related to bathroom renovations in Killara, our professionals stress on ensuring effective coordination amongst themselves. In addition to this, we also communicate with our clients to ensure flawless customised services.

  3. Quality Work at the Best Price: Our company policy has always been to ensure quality work at the most cost-effective price, the reason being, we aim at reaching out to every household and commercial complex. Thus, bank on our services. We are budget friendly.

  4. All Services Under One Roof: We make sure that the service related to bathroom renovations is catered to you under one roof. Hence, we have the team of professionals who could not only plan and work out on layouts but also have the professionals who cater to electrical related works, plumbing, tiling, designing and whatever it takes to carve out the best bathroom. Bank on us for the services. 


Call (02) 9838 9242 for more details. You can also ask for free quotes. Our professionals would provide you with one after a thorough assessment of the bathroom that is to be renovated.


1. How do I find the right showerhead for me, one that feels good to use?


The choice of the showerhead is dependent on several factors. However, the most significant of all can be the following—

  • How well you want the water to be felt on your head i.e. coverage and the force of spray?

  • The design of the showerhead

  • The placement of the shower considering the height of the bathroom


Every element taken into account for bathroom renovations in Killara is important. The engineering involved in the designing of the showerhead plays a crucial role in ascertaining how you feel when water pours on your head and face. This needs to be soothing. Apart from this, the design of the showerhead too plays an important role. It should match the other accessories present in the bathroom.

2. How can I cut costs when renovating?

Restructuring a bathroom takes into account a number of factors. It includes not only the right idea but also the right approach in order to save time and cost. There can be numerous other elements that would determine the cost of the project.

However, we, being the professionals of bathroom renovations in Killara, recommend you talk to the experts for the realistically achievable renovations that would fit into your budget. Further, we believe that proper assessment stands essential because of minimising the expense with effective structural changes. The things to be included for the renovation should be sorted as per the priority. This would ascertain that the purpose will be solved.

3. How do I make a small bathroom feel bigger?


Making a small bathroom feel bigger is art. With the limited space these days, the renovators are working on different bathroom designs that would help carve out essentially useful bathroom. There are several ways by which this can be done in your next bathroom renovations in Killara. One of the most effective and popular ways is to include the right pattern of bathroom accessories. The presence of enough light will make the bathroom look beautiful and spacious. Hence, ensure there is enough lighting in the bathroom. Also, the choice of the right bathroom accessories would add to space. For example, wall attached vanities are more preferred in the case of small bathrooms.

4. Is reglazing a bathtub a good solution to replacing the tub?


The choice needs to be exercised as per the type of bathtub you have. We, at Killara, being one of the most reputed and reliable renovators, are of the opinion that since a majority of the bathtubs are made up of sturdy cast iron, therefore, re-glazing can be a great way to make older bathtubs look new. It is a cost-effective way that many people opt for during their bathroom renovations projects. It saves money and labour that were to be invested in the fresh installation. However, if you do not have the budget constraints, then a brand-new bathtub would be a good idea as there is no second choice as compared to a new one.

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