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Stylish yet Cost Effective Bathroom Renovations


Shed off the myth that bathroom renovations are tiring and time-consuming. Get the best professionals to have your bathroom renovated in the smoothest possible way. Hire us. We are Caliber Construction Builders - getting things done in the smoothest possible way. 

Who We Are?

Caliber Construction Builders is a reputed and renowned name in the field of bathroom renovations in Pymble and its surrounding areas. We are a fully family-owned and operated business located at Seven Hills NSW. We are into this industry since 1996 and over these 24 years have handled over 6000 projects successfully. 

The success story of our work can be made from the fact that we have been able to meet the expectations of the clients and hence, they are quite content. We feel happy to see when recommendations work and some clients calling us with reference to the previous ones whom we have already catered to several years back.

We are licensed and accredited renovators in Pymble. The certification tells us about our proficiency and professionalism. Get in touch with us for the best services.

Why Hire Us?

Amidst so many service providers in NSW and various places like Pymble, we have remained to be the top priority for the households and various commercial complexes when it comes to bathroom renovations. The following are the top reasons that we are the best and top sought-after company in the region:

One-stop Destination for Complete Bathroom renovations

Yes, we are the one-stop destination for your complete bathroom renovations. We have a team of professionals and experienced team members who are adept in their own field. All through these years, we have realised the importance of having a complete team during the renovation project. Hence, we have the electricians, plumbers, tilers, and all other necessary professionals to take care of the project until completion.

  • Budgeted Services


People lookout for the best in the most cost-effective package. We have tried our best to provide you with that. Our services come at the best price without compromising on quality.

  • Free Consultation


We believe that for perfect project completion and flawless progress, it is necessary to have a look at the things that are needed to be done. Hence, we have the team of expert professionals carrying out a thorough assessment of the place before proceeding with the work.

  • Free Online Quotation


After the assessment of the bathroom, we hand you over a rough estimate of the expense that is going to incur when you proceed with the bathroom renovations. We also make sure that it includes all the elements that you want to see in your dream bathroom. Call (02) 9838 9242 for a free quotation in Pymble.

With Caliber Construction Builders by your side, you would experience a completely flawless design and renovation that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. With dedicated project managers, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing you with a flawless and seamless bathroom. Get in touch with us for more information.


1. What are the bathroom renovation process & timeline?


The timeline for bathroom renovations in Pymble depends on the size of the bathroom and the amount of work. One needs to take care of the significant details involved in a bathroom renovation. Planning for the bathroom remodelling consumes a lot of time where one needs to enlist all the requirements and set a budget for the same. Ordering the materials required for the remodelling work & their delivery at the site follows the planning process. Finally, construction & finishing stages require most of the time. 

2. How to get experts tips for a top bathroom renovation?


Bathroom renovations in Pymble can be a challenge if the space is not proper and lacks ventilation. One needs expert tips to get top bathroom remodelling. Setting the budget is an important task for bathroom renovation projects. It helps to decide what accessories you want to invest in and what quality you desire. Next, you need to plan a layout to avoid making unnecessary changes. Appoint and assign the work to a registered electrician. This ensures protection, compliance, and quality workmanship. Mix & match sanitary ware while remodelling your bathroom from different suppliers for an affordable purchase. 

3. Can you guide us through the design process?


Yes, the best companies will always guide you through the designing process for bathroom renovations in Pymble. They ask for the important details regarding bathroom remodelling. You will have to discuss the details like the budget for the remodelling work, plan the layout with them, and the accessories that you wish to install in your bathroom. Consider whether you want to install a bathtub or not. You may plan the lighting scheme of the bathroom with the team working on the renovation project. Designing everything well helps to make the remodelling project successful. 

4. Can you source all the required materials?


The best company for bathroom renovations in Pymble will source all the materials required for remodelling. When you tell them the requirements for your new bathroom, they will be able to make a list of all the materials required to purchase. The companies that take contracts for bathroom renovations know the best suppliers for every material, including accessories, and help you make wise decisions. They will give genuine suggestions to you regarding the fittings & fixtures as they have an idea of superior quality materials. When you hire reputed companies for renovation work, you know the outcomes will be the best.

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