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Fully Optimised Bathroom Renovations



The bathroom is one of the important parts of your home where you want to escape after a long hectic day to relax for some time. Therefore, this place needs much attention. But when your bathroom looks a bit dated, that is the prime time to consider a bathroom renovation. Renovating a bathroom does not mean that you have to renovate or change it completely. Rather, the job even includes changing a certain part. For example, you can expand your bathroom area, or you can add a freestanding shower as part of the bathroom renovations service. So, if you stay in Hills District and if you want to change the look and feel of your bathroom with a bathroom renovation service, then count on the service of Caliber Construction.


What Do We Do?

Whether you have the dream to relax in the bathroom with a double bowl vanity or if you want to soak up in a freestanding tub, Caliber Construction can help you get the renovated bathroom that you always dreamed of. And there is no limitation of the imagination. Maintaining our client’s trust matters a lot for us. Therefore, at Caliber Construction, we always aim to make the entire process hassle-free from the very beginning to the end. And here we can serve our clients irrespective of their style preference or budget.

We know that the common perceptions associated with bathroom renovations are that this job is highly time-consuming, stressful, and messy. But not with us! Here we successfully eliminate the stress considering every aspect of the bathroom renovation job. Therefore, we renovate bathrooms according to the individual preferences and requirements of the customers that help to enhance their lifestyle. This commitment towards our job helps us to achieve excellence. Apart from that, we can also offer you professional advice on things like bathroom finishes, layouts, and fit-outs to convert your simple looking bathroom into a stylish one according to your preferences.

What makes us different?

  1. We always offer an exceptional quality job: At Caliber Construction, we guarantee a premium quality workmanship on all the renovation projects. Therefore, we have a proven track record of offering the highest quality services to each of our clients in the Hills District.

  2. Our services are offered at incredible rates: If you are in search of a beautiful looking bathroom renovated at an incredible rate, then Caliber Construction can help you achieve that. We always aim to offer the best quality renovation service at an affordable rate without compromising on quality.

  3. We thoroughly work with our clients: No matter what type of bathroom renovation job you want to get, we can fulfill your requirements. All you have to do is to share your requirements and your dreams with us and we will convert it into a reality.

  4. We have a knowledgeable team for customer support: At Caliber Construction, we believe in maintaining excellent customer service to let the clients know what they can expect if they choose us in a realistic and honest manner.


1. How long does it take to renovate a bathroom?


It is entirely subjective and is dependent on the level of bathroom renovations you, as a client, have asked for. However, in most of the general cases, renovations by professionals do not take much time.

In addition to this, the length of the project would largely depend on the way it has been handled. Most of the bathroom renovators in Hills District have a set project completion pattern which they adhere to. This helps them to ensure that the project they have undertaken, irrespective of the size, is completed without any glitch and in the shortest time possible.

2. Can I choose the tiles and other products that will go in my bathroom?


Yes. Definitely, you can choose the tiles and other products of your choice when you hire us for bathroom renovations. We respect our clients’ choices and ensure that we meet them successfully. Service providers like us in Hills District, provide full-fledged customised services where you have the liberty to choose each element that would contribute towards the bathroom renovation.

However, we also offer consultation in case you are confused about which one is going to look the best. Our professionals are always by your side in making the bathroom renovation an impeccable one. Just share your ideas and thoughts with us. We would make it happen.


3. What should I expect during my renovations?


We know that the expectations of the customers are high especially when they are hiring dedicated professionals with significant years of experience. Keeping this in mind, our professionals carry out bathroom renovations which include—

  • A thorough assessment of what needs to be upgraded

  • Listing down the possible or mandatory changes that would make the bathroom look complete

  • Repairing and changing the electrical accessories, plumbing, and other bathroom inclusions

  • All kinds of tiling work (customised) ensuring that they match with the theme and desire

  • Professional installation with zero chances of error

  • Testing and confirming that the set job is fine


At Hills District, the expectations of the clients are high and so are the services by the professional bathroom renovators.


4. Can you build my bathroom based on my design?


Yes, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to building a bathroom based on your specifications and design. However, one thing that needs to be kept in mind is that the design should comply with the standards and specifications of the Australian Building Codes.

Our team of professionals carrying out bathroom renovations in Hills District welcomes design ideas and creativity. Therefore, just come up to us with your detailed design for discussion. With changes (if any required), we would love to bring your concept to life. We believe that ideas lead to creativity and a miracle to happen. Call us for more details.

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