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Top Class Kitchen Renovations


Kitchen is an integral part of a house and needs to be spick and span. This is only possible when all the essentials in the kitchen are in order. In addition to this, if the kitchen has the proper arrangement of all the things then it can be the best place to visit. If you have the old kitchen, say built a decade ago, then it is perhaps the best time to opt for kitchen renovations. Hiring the professionals in the eastern suburbs Sydney is always going to make your investment a worthy one.

Contact us- Caliber Construction Builders- your reliable, reputed and one of the renowned kitchen renovators in the town.


Who We Are?

We are over 24 years old company catering to commercial and residential kitchen renovations in eastern suburbs Sydney. Since 1996, we have successfully handled more than 6000 projects and ensured that our service fully satisfies our clients. We are Seven Hills NSW based, fully family-owned, accredited, and a certified company, taking care of renovations and extensions in the best possible way. We provide customised services as well. Get in touch with the professionals to know more.

Apart from this, we are also the suppliers of some renovation items from reputed companies.

Our Customer-Centric Services

Since the day of our inception, we have always catered services in the interest of the people. Therefore, before starting off with any project, we make sure that you give your points and choice. We try to mould your idea and feasible elements to carve out a designer, modern looking, comfortable kitchen. We take care of elements that would purposely hone the functionality and beauty of the kitchen's ambience. We are the company for all and hence, with us, you would get budgeted services.

Since the very first day, our business and services have not merely been restricted to ONLY US but have included every client to make the company OURS. We believe in collaboration and smooth communication for a master-class kitchen. Therefore, in all our projects related to kitchen renovations in eastern suburbs Sydney, our professionals have tried to be clear in their approach and each activity has been completed after the approval.

Bank on Us for all Types of Project Related Activities

We are the one-stop destination for all the project needs. We do not merely restrict ourselves to renovations or extensions. Rather, we consider all the possible works that would make the kitchen renovations outstanding creations. Therefore, our dedicated team comprises not only planners but also artisans, designers, masons, plumbers, electricians, and whosoever is required. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to getting the perfect kitchen for you.

Call us now at (02) 9838 9242

For more details, you can get in touch with us. We are always there to assist you in the best possible way in your kitchen renovations. We are the most budgeted and reliable service provider in eastern suburbs Sydney.

For any inquiries, questions, or recommendations, you can also fill-up the form present. We will get back to you in the shortest possible time frame.


1. How long does a kitchen renovation take from start to finish?


If you work with us – the best company in Eastern Suburbs, Sydney for kitchen renovations we would try to complete your work within stipulated time. This, however, depends on the renovation work that you would want us to do. If you wish, we can always change the timeline so we can suit the requirements that you and your family have in this context. The onsite work can take a similar time to be completed. This, however, depends on the work we have to do and the finishes that you need for such a project.

2. What should you consider when doing a kitchen renovation?


Several factors have to be considered while doing kitchen renovations in Eastern Suburbs, Sydney. Those factors may be enumerated as below:

  • Budget

  • Spatial Flow

  • Design and Style

  • Finest Lead Times For The Project

  • Lifestyle and Usage

  • Construction and Quality


The kitchen is the heart of your home, and it also contains a lot of items that you need in your regular life. One should keep rebuilding the kitchen so that it can be used constantly.

3. Can I choose the fittings and fixtures that will go in my kitchen?


Yes, you can always choose the fixtures and fittings that you want to be included in your kitchen after the kitchen renovations in Eastern Suburbs, Sydney is completed. We have a helpful team that is always there to help you with the process of selection in these cases. We can also get you these fittings and fixtures at a lower price.


4. How much value will a kitchen add to my property?


Kitchen renovations in Eastern Suburbs, Sydney do not come at less price. However, it is also equally true that such work can make your property a lot more valuable than what it may otherwise have been. Apart from that, it would make your kitchen a lot more spacious and functional too. Depending on the suburb where you live, you can recoup anywhere between 75 and 100% of the money you have spent on such a project when you resell your home. Experts say that in Australia this is the fourth most valuable renovation that you can make to your home. So, you can see how valuable this is. 

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