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Renowned Builders in Lane Cove



At Caliber Construction, people know us as one of the top builders in Lane Cove. People love and appreciate us for the precise, accurate, and perfect way in which we do our work. As far as residential construction goes, we are the best choice for sure.

The value of experience

We have been working in the industry for over 24 years now and such we have become complete specialists in this work. We can do all the work that our clients would want us to do in this context. We can make new houses, and also extend and renovate existing ones. We are an honest, trustworthy, and reliable company.

The work that we can do includes:

  • demolition

  • plumbing

  • building

  • decking

  • painting

  • landscaping

  • bathroom renovation

  • floor installation

  • kitchen renovations

  • repair

  • rendering


The products and services that we offer to our clients

As we have said already, there are a lot of products and services that we offer to our clients. We can get approval from the local council for their work. If our clients want luxurious renovations and developments at their homes, we can do so rather easily. We will manage the total project on their behalf, thus helping them breathe easy.

As the leading builders in Lane Cove, we can help them develop and renovate individual units in their property too. We also have elite teams that can take care of different aspects of such work as building, electrical work, rendering, interior design, painting, landscaping, and plumbing.

What have we achieved to date?

To date, we have shown excellence in all our construction and development work. Since we are so perfect and accurate with our work, we are the best choice among all the builders that are working in the region.

Making it unique on each occasion

Whenever we work on a project, we try to make it as unique as we can.

Our team is our greatest strength. Our team members commit themselves totally to the work that they are doing. They also possess high qualifications and are honest with their work. This is the reason why people trust us as builders. We also have some of the finest interior decorators and designers in our team. It also helps that they are as creative and talented as they are. Whenever we start any project, we first listen to what the client has to say. It is after that we add our ideas to their project.

As the leading builders in Lane Cove, we always make sure that work is inspirational so that our clients have a unique home that reflects them the best. We also like to make sure that we never compromise with practicality. This is how we create homes that our clients dream of.

Specialising in luxury work

We can do luxury projects too. It is this versatility that has made us a name that our clients can reckon with, in all these years of our existence. We can work on all kinds of new home designs.


1. How to find the best builders & construction company?


There, of course, are a few sure-fire ways to choose the best when it comes to builders in lane cove. The trick is to jot down the names that Google has to offer you right on its 1st or 2nd page. Check out their websites to confirm how adept they are at custom constructions. Find out if their designs (whatever is reflected by their gallery) suit your tastes or not. Choose the names that you think will serve your purpose. Once it is done, reach out to friends or colleagues to find out if they have worked with and recommend any of the builders, whose services you are presently mulling.  

2. What should I expect from a builder?


Once you get a builder on board, there is a host of things that they are expected to do for you. A reputed builder in lane cove should ideally be responsive to changes in the contract if any. There should be scheduled site meetings to help you secure a glimpse of the progress. What more? The best builders out there are the ones who are adept at delivering custom designs with the due experience of working on “difficult” sites and should be able to assist you with both interior and exterior designs. These are a few basic traits that your builders should demonstrate if they are looking to be hired.   

3. How long does each stage of construction of a building take?


Every building is different, the needs and aspirations backing it are different and so is each stage of construction. As one of the most trusted builders in lane cove, we have invested in scheduling software to optimise efficiency and keeping you duly updated with the progress of every crucial step of the building process. On average the initial contact and design in lane cove, selections and quoting take up a similar timeframe as well, 2-5 weeks remains the timeline for Development Application and Construction certificate. The construction itself might take 2 months – 1 year.

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