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Amazing Home Extensions


We at Caliber Constructions can offer our clients all that they need for home extensions in the Hills District. This includes critical work for such projects as designing, final clean-up, and installations. As an organisation, we always aim to achieve excellence in our work and thus satisfy our clients without fail. We have been in the industry for over 24 years now and so no project is too difficult for us. It is the superior quality of our work that has made us the leaders of the industry. When our clients hire us, they can be sure that we would leave no stone unturned to satisfy them. 

Our track record as an organisation

Ever since our inception, we have worked on all kinds of projects. We have worked on homes of all sizes and shapes. We have worked on high-end homes and smaller family homes. It is this diverse nature of our track record that has given us such a vast repertoire of skills, knowledge, and experience. We are always active when we are working, and we take nothing for granted. We always make sure that our tradespeople are giving our clients the very best that they can.

Our employees

Our employees are a major reason why we are the top name for home extensions in the Hills District. They have played a principal role in the success that we have achieved over the years. They have always worked tirelessly for us just so we can give our clients the best. They have years of experience in the domain and always focus on making sure that the clients appreciate what we have done for them. Thanks to them, we can pull off all kinds of tough projects.

They have high qualifications and are always looking to get better just so they can serve you better. All of them have the licenses necessary for working in the industry. Their knowledge is beyond comparison too!

Perfection and eye on detail

As an organisation, we believe that we should only do perfect work for our clients and nothing else. Therefore, we focus on every minor detail of these projects with such importance. We have immense experience in all aspects of such work. We also have the ideas that the clients invariably love.

Firm control of operations

We know how important it is that all our cogs work in perfect harmony so that our clients can get what they hired and paid us for.

This is the reason we always maintain a firm grip on the operations of all our home extensions in Hills District and other such projects. As we have said already, we involve ourselves in all the work that we do. We make sure that we are working as per schedule. We also make sure we are not compromising on quality. 

Services that we offer

We offer a wide range of services for our clients such as new homes, home extensions and additions, home renovations and alterations, and kitchen and bathroom renovations.


1. How do I decide if I should sell my house or go for a home extension?

Do you love the area where you are living right now? If the answer to the question is yes, extending your home would be the right decision to take. If you are careful with the design, you can always create the home that you have always wanted. Normally, when you move homes, incur expenses such as stamp duty and moving costs. You can easily use that money for extending your property. You can hire the best company for home extensions in the Hills District and get the work done by them too. If you do not like the place you can always sell your property and move to a new place. 

2. Do I need to vacate the house during the home extension or renovation?


The best thing to do in these cases is better to move to another location when you are getting home extensions or renovation in your Hills District property. That way the builder has all the freedom to work that it needs. When you are not at home when the project is being carried out it can work wherever it wants to and not have to worry about cleaning and packing at the end of the work each day. Just think about all the noise and dust that is generated when such work is being done. You would also face issues in accessing your basic facilities such as home appliances, electricity, and water when the work is being done. You would not want to live in your home under such circumstances.


3. How long will my home addition take to build?


The home extensions in Hills District does not take long time. However, a lot, in this case, depends on factors such as the size of the project and how complex it is. We have worked on plenty of such projects and we have wowed our clients with the speed at which we work. Once you get the council approvals for the project, we would sit down with you and chalk out the quickest time in which we can complete the project without compromising on the quality. 

4. What about building permits and plans? Can you help me?


Yes, we can help you in getting the plans and permits for your home extensions and renovation project in Hills District. However, we can also provide our quotes based on the plans that have been already drawn up. If you work with us from the beginning, you can be sure that your project would be within the budget.

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