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Functional Home Extensions


We at Caliber Constructions can construct and design home extensions in Ryde that people can only dream of. This means that when people hire us to do such work, they have hired one of the most famous and best builders in the entire country, let alone the state or the city. We have over 24 years’ experience in the industry. In all these years, we have been able to cement our reputation as one of the top players in this industry. We promise our clients we are professional in how we go about our work. This ensures that they have complete peace of mind when they hire us for such work. 

Taking charge of the entire project

We take charge of the entire project including work such as designing, final construction, and planning for the entire project. We also possess an exceptional team including professionals such as architects, draftsmen, and building designers. This is how we can create such innovative designs for our clients. We make sure that we focus on values such as aesthetics, feasibility, and functionality in all our designs. We are equally adept at both home renovation and extension projects. We have the experience in our team to offer our clients the best service that they could have hoped for.

The services we offer to our clients

Apart from home extensions in Ryde, we offer home renovations, new home construction, and other such home improvement-related work. As we have stated already, we have been working in the industry for decades now. We have helped many dreams come true. We can perform all kinds of residential renovations. Our experts have years of experience of working in these projects, and that is the reason they can bring such a high level of brilliance to our clients’ projects. The standards for such work in Australia are high. We always strive to match them at the very least.

Focusing on meeting the expectations of our clients

As an organisation, we only focus on meeting the expectations that our clients have of us. We work with an impressive deal of positivity so we can reinvigorate their homes in the best way possible. We always start such projects by consulting with our clients. We discuss key areas of the project, such as costs and designs. Once we have performed the initial assessments, we explain to our clients the best alternatives for them. After that, we start the work as per the right practices and techniques for such work.  

A great approach to work

It is because of such a great approach to our work that we have become the top name for home extensions in Ryde. We can also help clients who are looking to make a new home that they have always dreamed of. We have the right team of architects and designers to create the best design plan for them. We would tailor it only according to their needs and preferences. We would also keep your budget in mind for such a project. We usually adopt a step-by-step approach in these cases so that no one faces any inconvenience with the project.




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